Does Your Child’s School Have One of These Ineffective Responses to Active Shooter Training?

Posted by Jon Cross on Apr 10, 2023 5:39:31 PM
Jon Cross

Student Walking to School Bus.School violence is at an all-time high in this country, with many security experts predicting that these numbers will increase. The staggering reality is that many schools must catch up when providing their children with a comprehensive safety and security protocol. Get involved at your child's school by asking administrators how they keep your child safe.

Signs of an ineffective school safety plan:

  • Limited training for staff and students.
  • Training that scares staff and students instead of educating them.
  • Teachers are not trained in life-saving emergency care, such as bleed control and CPR.
  • Inadequate and hard-to-find emergency medical equipment.
  • The staff is unaware of or doesn't understand their school's active shooter response protocol.
  • Substitute teachers are not trained on the school's active shooter response plan.

ProActive Response Group's active shooter and emergency response training are designed to EMPOWER and SAVE LIVES. It is true when we say "it takes a village" to raise and keep our children safe. We all need to do our part in protecting our most precious gifts in life. Let administrators know school safety isn't just a task on a to-do list waiting to get checked off.

Trained to respond. Empower to survive. Give your teachers the tools.

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