8 Steps to Prevent Violence in Schools.

Posted by Jon Cross on Apr 28, 2023 2:31:32 PM
Jon Cross

Many schools nationwide lack a formal threat assessment protocol. The best way to prevent an active attack is to see the warning signs prior. Below we have given you eight steps to help in the process.

The 8 Steps to Creating a Targeted Violence Prevention Plan: 

Step 1 - Establish a multidisciplinary threat assessment team. 
Step 2 - Define concerning behaviors. 
Step 3 - Establish and provide training on a central reporting system.  
Step 4 - Determine the threshold for law enforcement intervention.  
Step 5 - Establish threat assessment procedures.  
Step 6 - Develop risk management options.  
Step 7 - Create and promote a safe school/work climate.  
Step 8 - Provide training for all stakeholders.

ProActive Response Group can assist school in developing and implementing a comprehensive threat assessment plan. Click the button below to schedule a consultation.

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